Fertiliser Spreaders from Bogballe

Bogballe manufactures some of the largest and most advanced fertiliser spreaders in the world, holding up to 6.000 kg. of goods. The equipment have a range of advanced and computerized features, such as electric automatic edge control, security stops and more.

The task at hand was to produce a fully animated story to explane these unique features and make it easy to understand. This tool is to be used by an international network of salesmen from the corporation. Some of the exciting methods used to achieve this goal is particle simulation and slow-motion effects, watch the animation here:

Other cases

Shredding scrap metal

Metso uses 3D animations for marketing and sales purposes. This enables them to show what is going on in a 50 ton scrap machine.

CUBI shelving system

Sales and marketing material for the CUBI shelving system. 3 sizes of cubes which can be connected and combined endlessly.

RocketChairs App

An interactive quotation tool for the furniture industry. Now any salesmen can create good visual representations of their setup, even on an iPad.

Streamline Animation

When education personnel in new logistics of a meat production line an animation will come in handy... See what we did for Marel.