3D Renderings replaces traditional photography for the CUBI shelving system

The CUBI bookcase is a system consisting of 3 sizes of cubes which can be combined in endless combinations. There are a variety of colors and veneer surfaces for the cubes and fashion colors for doors and drawer fronts. CUBI bookcases comes fully assembled from the factory. Thus we have defined the concept but what does it look like?

To market this shelving system the client needed a series of visual sales proposals to introduce the system. It was not enough just to show the different components to be inspired. Industrial Designer Rikke Frost created a series of different angles, showing both the bookcase on base, floor and wall-mounted versions along with color variations to match.

About the time when these configurations were to be made a reality the choices were either to produce them and allow a photographer to do the job, or make believable visualizations via 3D rendering. The choice fell on 3D rendering and here our process began preparing the individual system modules, color samples and 3D modeling of a library used for styling the scenes.


The idea was to create a virtual studio that gave us the opportunity to play with the different options the system provides and 'style' the configurations - both color and style-wise. This method ensures a consistent look each time as the virtual studio never changes. This means you can restore an image 100% or show the same layout but for example with other colors or different camera angle - or even another format.


These renderings became the whole basis for CUBI marketing. The images will then be used both in print advertising and brochures, as well as online on the web shop www.inroom.dk. A strong foundation has been created for further devleopment and with very little effort and few resources new expressions can be made. It's fairly easy to introduce new features to the system in the future such as colors which trends etc.


One should not underestimate the benefit of having a large library of 3D accessories. Of course, we already have a large stock, but it is also possible to create new only from some good pictures, measures and proportions. For instance a reference to a web shop will be enough in most cases for us to shape in these objects for use in visualizations.


The advanced rendering process involved in the production of high-end visualizations requires sophisticated software and very powerful hardware. In the preparation of high-resolution images a single image can easily take 3 hours to render when the entire server room running at full speed. "Rendertime" is therefore a considerable factor in such a production. The images has to be "calculated" and even though the computers take care of the rendering equation, there is still manual touch ups, color correction, compression to correct formats and more afterwards.


The value for INROOM in this project include: Easy access to consistent marketing materials, high visual quality without the need of a photographer and physical studio, high flexibility, 'familiarity' or recognizability for customers, visualization at a high end quality which shows the solution before it actually exists.

Other cases

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CUBI shelving system

Sales and marketing material for the CUBI shelving system. 3 sizes of cubes which can be connected and combined endlessly.

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