STREAMLINE - Advanced Trimming

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Marel is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for the food industry. Marel 's machines are used at the factories that produce the food itself . An essential part of such are cutting lines, logistics management and traceability . In connection with the training of factory workers and salesmen, we have produced an animation that shows and explains how Marel 's Streamline concept works .

The challenge of this project is the interpretation of logistics - one can easily lose track when you are thrown into a large layout. Therefore Marel chose to create animation of a limited sample of a fictional processing line. What you see in the film are a number of operators who make a so-called breakdowns of beef and trim the portions. A short clip from the animation can be seen here:

Other cases

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Metso uses 3D animations for marketing and sales purposes. This enables them to show what is going on in a 50 ton scrap machine.

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Sales and marketing material for the CUBI shelving system. 3 sizes of cubes which can be connected and combined endlessly.

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Streamline Animation

When education personnel in new logistics of a meat production line an animation will come in handy... See what we did for Marel.