MARIMATECH has been a customer of 3D Animation for about 10 years. Over this period of time we have taken care of DTP such as posters, adverts, brochures and also quite a bit of 3D - both sale-specific visualization and 3D Animation of products and their usage in the maritime field.

In this case we are redesigning their webplatform with a brand new content management systems. This allows the company to do their updates by themselves in the future. Therefore it is a good idea to invest a little more in the creation of the site, to enable your own stuff to keep track of maintenance afterwards.

In terms of graphic design we wish to make a fresh start with an updated design that fits the current standards. Following trends of user interface creation and structures of corporate websites. Most of the clients customers are in the offshore industry, say pilots and captains. It is important to send out a signal that speaks to these people.

Technically we did choosing an open-source platform to drive the site. This gives the client freedom to pick and choose supporters and third-party vendors to create plugins and updates if needed.

3Danimations- film er også at finde på websitet. Vi har gennem årene lavet flere forskellige film for kunden, der har til formål at kommunikere hvordan deres produkter benyttes - gerne uden for mange ord. MARIMATECH's kunder befinder sig over hele verden, derfor bliver animationen det universelle sprog og en vigtig brik i markedsføringen af innovative produkter.

You are also able to find animations on the website. We have made several through the years as a vital part of their commuinication for each product. This breaks down any language barrier when exporting to foreign contries, because the level of visual language gives better understanding.

Visit the website here

Other cases

Shredding scrap metal

Metso uses 3D animations for marketing and sales purposes. This enables them to show what is going on in a 50 ton scrap machine.

CUBI shelving system

Sales and marketing material for the CUBI shelving system. 3 sizes of cubes which can be connected and combined endlessly.

RocketChairs App

An interactive quotation tool for the furniture industry. Now any salesmen can create good visual representations of their setup, even on an iPad.

Streamline Animation

When education personnel in new logistics of a meat production line an animation will come in handy... See what we did for Marel.