3D Animation moves market shares for WO Airport Interior

A danish company named WO Airport Interior specializes in the manufaturing of security checkpoints for the airport industry. Their respected solutions are implemented in Billund, Copenhagen and Oslo airports. When it comes to ergonomics, capacity and footprint WO are the pioneers.

To get more business and increase the awareness of WO in the field, a decision was made - to go to Passenger Terminal expo in Barcelona. The wish is to create traffic at the exhibition on their booth, and to do this WO needed a serious eye catcher. At this point WO is not what you consider a well known brand worldwide, so attention is needed.


From the very beginning we helped design the exhibition booth (as soon on the rendering beneath). The thought being that a 3D animation will be running on 4 x 50 inch flatscreens. Bypasing potential custsomers will stop to get a look on the unique selling points demonstrated in the animation.


The animation is a central role in the concept but space were also allocated to have clients participate in security checkpoint designs. This is done in a virtual universe controlled by an iPad where it is possible to design security lines with a few simple clicks.

iPad softwareløsning

The idea in general is to spread the word and present the unique features of WO's designs by using 3D. The key is customer tailored solutions which can be configurated with standard components. This is demonstrated in a very clear language in the animation when various setups are visualized.

The iPad application is aiming to involve customers and translate ideas into 3D renderings. In less than 5 minutes a salesman can provide 3D visualizations of the customers security line, directly from the App. A very powerful tool. Using our solutions WO has been able to generate more than 50 leads on the first ever exhibition.


Other cases

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