Animation as a marketing tool

A strong visual tool that oozes profits, innovation, creativity and above all - professionalism. The use of 3D animations in sales situation can promote your sales because it gives the customer confidence and certainty for the product/service you are selling. Animation strengthens company's brand and visual identity - the identity in which the outside world identifies your company with.


Limitations in distribution are very limited. Once an animation is created it can be ported to a variety of platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Offline files, BluRay, DVD, iPad etc. The production can be versionized for the big screen on an expo', on the company website, sharing on social media and handing out USB-sticks for instance.

Typical usage

The reason for you to use animated film is to create awareness about your company or your products. The wow-factor is very high on animations, compared to regular video footage - take advantage of this! An populær place to start is exhibitions. Create an animated presentation for your stand and connect to large flat panel displays. Our productions can also be found online of companies webpages and at seminars, internal presentations and similar.

Good to know

Basically, the possibilities are endless - if you can image it, we can create it in 3D. But always bare in mind, it is a human being creating the requested effects - not the tool. Your demands can be very time consuming.

If you work within an industry where technical drawings of your subjects already excists, you need to know that YES we can use your 3D files. This could be Inventor, SolidWorks or similar. Though we need to re-do these files in order to play along with the high visual quality we work with. Technologies used in the CAD/CAM industri is not the same as in the Entertainment industry. The tools are indeed very different, but we do have some common playground.