10 years on the market

We have more than 10 years of expirience producing digital solutions and 3D visualizations. This provides a special understanding for quality and photo realism in our renderings. We've done a good job when visualization is compelling enough people think of it as a photo.

See the benefits

Advantages to using 3D visualizations instead of traditional photography are obvious. There are no creative limitations, because it is all happening in a virtual studio. You can 'shoot' every conveivable camera angle and move freely around in the scenery. We can change the location with a click, change the mood and lighting, colors, logos and much more. Furthermore it's a great tool for testing - how will your concept look in reality?

Technical knowledge

3D Animation ApS is to be considerd an IT company with a hint of advertising agency. It requires very much technical knowledge to deliver the products we do on our level. We need to be updated on sofware and hardware all the time. We set the bar high and always try to raise it for every new production.

The virtual studio

3D renderings are increasingly replacing the ordinary photographer. Visualization lends itself particularly well to product pack-shots, housing / architectual, furniture, kitchens and similar. Once a studio setup has been created it is stored digitally and you can always return to shoot more pictures when your product change.

Combine 3D and photos

We often do photomatches where the output is a combination of a 3D rendering and a real photo. To put this into context it could easily be a new building which needs to be put into a photo of the premises in order to see how the finished construction will turn out.


Our content database of furniture and styling objects is big, very big. You as a customer are free to use all the shortcuts you want, by taking advantage of our libraries.