One of our core-business's have always been interactive digital solutions. A wave of apps have finally hit the world with the front runner iPad. We take it to the next level and combine our extensive 3D skills into account when adding more value to applications.


We produce tailored application for all common platforms, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc. The same application can be ported to all platforms which increases the availability. Applications in our portfolio starts with small end-user gimmicks where you can configure and spin around a product in 3D to large-scale solutions such as qoutation platforms for salesmen with build-in functionallity to both configure a product, present it visually and calculate and print the actual qoute.

E-Learning & Gamification

How about this - Let your clients into your world where they can inspect your product and learn more about them. Add functionallity and gamification elements to the presentation, or use the learning potential?

Augmented reality / VR

See a modified world though the lens. By using tracking markers you can add content to the video stream from 3D data. We also work with stereo graphics and VR glasses to create virtual expiriences.

Qoutation platforms with visual strengh

Configurate your product and have a live updated visual representation. Get feedback when you make your choices. Print you syncronized qoute directly from the app, included live pricing from your ERP system. Image an app that does that for you?